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EVA 3.0 - Imaging biosensor based on photonic crystal surface modes

PCbiosensor EVA 3.0

Price:€49 000

The biosensor "EVA 3.0" supplies together with a Intel NUC computer (computer without a monitor) and with a peristaltic pump. If the consumer has his own pump, then the price is reduced by the cost of the peristaltic pump.

Operation Manual for EVA 3.0

PCbiosensor EVA 3.0

Figure 1. Images of 46 spots of Rabbit IgG and 47 spots of HB virus before (17sec - top left) and after (1532sec - top right) injections of Anti-Rabbit IgG and Anti-HB. The binding kinetics in two particular spots (#56 -> [Rabbit IgG]/[Anti-Rabbit IgG]; #64 -> [HB]/[Anti-HB]) are presented (buttom). Full video of this processis presented in the left column.